The personal blog of Sven Seebeck

Tools and Writing

I am mainting this blog in one form or the other since 2008 and during this time it has seen many iterations, hosted on various services, from photoblogs, to Wordpress, to (semi)static services, to Ghost, to Wordpress and now back to a flat file service. Currently I am happily running this blog on .

The beauty of this service that it has no interface and is running off of plain-text files hosted on Dropbox and blogging is as simple as moving a file into a folder. Perfect!


Since my move back to iOS most of the writing for this blog is done in Drafts. For longer writing I use iA Writer on both iOS and Windows. On the latter I also like to use (I wrote about my setup here).


Besides writing for this blog I have contributed several articles and tutorials in german language. My own writing aside, I have had the honour to be interviewed both in English and German. All of these have been published here: