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This blew my mind a bit

The other day I was browsing on The Cramped which led to many things, most notably a video on how to improve your handwriting. Since this is something that I’m currently working on I was rather intrigued.

Long story short, it turns out that I was holding pens a bit wrong, like my whole life. As in always.

While my mind went straight into defense-mode and suggested well my grip works for me, the recommended grip is much easier on my hand and causing much less strain. I could figure this out already after a few minutes of trying. My traditional” one is, compared to that, more of a three-finger-death-grip.

Naturally this is not without troubles. The grip is that much different that it in the beginning feels as if I’m having not enough (or any) control over the pen. Luckily this gets a bit better already after a short time.

I guess a few more days of practice and then it should become already more natural. At least so I’m telling myself.

To make things more confusing, but with the hope of future-proofing my domain-scheme, I changed the latter of the blog to the surprisingly unexpected solution of the other day.

I know, amazing.

The apex-domain redirects (or at least should) to my ever so clarifying about page at the moment.

The reasoning for yet another domain change is, that I can with more clarity add sub-domains for possible micro-blogs, photo-sites, or whatever giving each it’s distinct address without the main site being at the somewhat bland www-subdomain.

I might even built a landing-page at the apex at some point.

I wouldn’t have thought that to be possible a few months but I washed my fountain pen today and loaded up my new, and eagerly awaited ink and converters.

Apparently that’s a thing that I do nowadays and it’s fun. The ink is much darker than I expected and still needs to get used to, which is another thing I didn’t thought possible earlier.

As it turns out, sun-lotion, after being left in the car since last summer and frozen during winter, turns into something resembling old mayonnaise, acts like mayonnaise colored paint AND smells like something I can’t quite put my finger on. Probably old mayonnaise. Don’t ask how I figured out.

During the morning we took opportunity of the nice weather (and the not-so-hot-morning) to take a trip to the museum-island of Turkansaari. When we arrived there was almost no wind and the river calm enough for some nice reflections.

Another more of a fortnightly edition

Truth to be told, vacation has started and there is not much going on in the first place, so I guess this will be rather short.

During the last few weeks I have continued working on improving my handwriting, and while I still don’t feel comfortable showing off something, it is at least improving.

I have located a few issues in my cursive, such as an inconsistent slant, (or better, as in the beginning, the utter lack thereof) and have focused on that for a while. Also the character sizes are not consistent either at all times. Suffice to say it is getting better.

Related to handwriting is also, that I have acquainted myself more with the usage and feel of the Bullet Journal”. I’m totally getting the hang of it and I have set it up nicely already. It’s all in a simple style organized, not over the top with drawings or stuff, just text. I have some ideas how to make it work for me even better, but that still requires more testing still.

That being said, this is all much easier now that there is not much to do in the first place, the real test will come up in autumn when I’m back at work. So far though I’m having a mildly optimistic feeling about this.

Reading list - The Books

I already posted them but for the sake of summary:

  • Cal Newport: Digital Minimalism
  • James Clear: Atomic Habits
  • Adam Savage: Every Tool’s A Hammer
  • Jeffrey Konvitz: The Sentinel
  • Jeffrey Konvitz: The Guardian

During the evening I started:

  • Terry Pratchett: The Color Of Magic

Some interesting articles that I ran into

The Solitary Garden on Kottke looks nice and interesting. I’m 100% bad with plants but this looks like something that could be achieved even by me. Also via Kottke came in the completely digitized version Leonardo DaVinci’s notebook, known as the Codex Atlanticus. Talking about keeping a notebook…

A comic about John Coltrane!? This looks like something that is just right for me.

This Star Wars Lego robot set sure is interesting and I really would like to purchase this Lego Moonlander. And yes, did I mention I’m bad with plants? This bonsai is just what I need. I kind of hope this idea makes it up to the end. If there just would be enough space to put them to.