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In which I found out about "PowerToys"

I’m confident that this little tool will prove itself quickly useful on my device

What a fun iconWhat a fun icon

Last night I had Windows Weekly running in the background while working on some arrangements and by chance I heard them recommending Microsoft PowerToys, and, wow is this a nice tool! It is in many ways just that I have been looking for.

The tool combines, amongst a few other things, for example:

  • Markdown Preview in the Explorer
  • A way to smartly mass-rename files with PowerRename. This looks especially nice, as I’m doing a spring-cleaning” and in the process plan to rename my files, that is, once I came to a conclusion which would be the most efficient way for me.
  • Image Resizer
  • The Window Walker is a text based search ALT+TAB search

The above alone are already an incredibly useful collection of tools for me and I’m sure I will make good use of them. I will look into FancyZones, the window snapper as well. I’m curious to see how the app will evolve over time.

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