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Weekly-Bits #2

Another Weeknotes installment

The beginning of the week was a bit busy but I got some work done and currently I’m up in the north again for some concerts with the students. This turns out to be surprisingly less stressful. Since the concerts don’t start before 11pm there is not much to do during the day time.

So I’m mostly using the time to take a walk, to catch up with some reading and do some writing (obviously). If I could, I would be doing some downhill skiing, which still is possible up here.

Things Watched

Historically I have very little time during a normal week and hardly ever find enough time, or are too exhausted, to watch something. During this week though I at least managed to watch Into the Spiderverse, which was fun and I enjoyed this movie. There were moments I even forgot this is an animated movie.


According to my log I listened to 10 shows this week, the one on Rationalization on You Are Not That Smart and Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Years stood out again.


I did some updates to the Archive and About page. Also introduced header images (as you might have noticed already). I kind of like the faux-painted look which also gives me the possibility to re-use images that I took a long time ago.

Also I adjusted my theme with a bit of help from David of which enables me to add some different styling for certain kind of posts. I have some ideas for quote-posts which I now finally might be able to get done.

I also figured that I can add a JSON-feed to this blog which I will try add that during the next week.


Just the other day I finished James S.A. Corey’s Tiamat’s Wrath” and after looking around I decided to continue the audiobook version of Sylvain Neuvel’s Sleeping Giants. By the time of this writing I’m about halfway in and really like it. It like the way the book works. It’s more or less a collection of reports, similar to World Way Z.

My first idea was to start The Three Body Problem, but it’s again a series and I was looking for something that I can get through this weekend maybe.

Update: finished the book early in the morning and didn’t realize that it is also the first part in a series. So, now I’m continuing with the next book in the series: Waking Gods.

During the week there were a few articles that I ran into, these were the ones that stood out for me:

  • On Monday the 1959 Project wrote about the recording of Miles Davis’s legendary Kind Of Blue, which also feature some very nice photographs.
  • Open Culture linked to a Medievel City Plan Generator. I really have no need for something like this, but it’s fun nonetheless. Also the history of How British Codebreaker Built the First Electronic Computer is very interesting.
  • Marc Myers on Jazz Wax had an article on John Grass a French Horn player from the east coast who took great part in shaping the Cool Jazz sound (listening to one of the recording as I write this). Also he posted a piece on Quincy Jones in Paris 1960, which is very interesting. I am familiar with Quincy’s biography and read about the Europe tour then, which is very interesting stuff. Also I had the pleasure to play some of the arrangements from that tour, and saw a copy of one of the original scores from Quincy, with handwritten notes and such.
  • Lego has some specials coming out for May the Forth. This one already looks like a piece that could be nice looking on the desk that I don’t have. I’m kind of curious what else there are going to come up with.
  • The folks on iA had an interesting article on Music in Writing. It’s quite the essay, and I still have to get through it. Which reminds that I should eventually finish the piece on improvisation and language that I started a while ago.
  • Manton has a short summary what is wrong with the whole Luminary thing. One thing I noticed that they obviously don’t realize that there is a difference between a podcast app and a service. The app let’s me choose and pick what I’m listening to, directly from the producer of the source. Just like the RSS-reader enables me to that with blogs. The last thing anyone needs, is the Netflix for podcasts. Podcasts are already there, freely available and certainly don’t need a Netflix”. If you want to do something that helps podcasts and blogs,ie the open web, build a search-engine for blogs and podcasts.

And now off into the next week.