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Things I learned this weekend

Instead of posting a bunch of microblogs over the weekend I chose to save’ up and post them all in a bunch.

Here you go:

  • Chord-cutting still involves a lot of cables
  • The one thing that annoys the hell out of me in Sibelius, works just fine in Musescore Which meant that I gave it try for one lead-sheet that I was working on and the result is just great. There will be a lot of charts to write within the next few weeks, so enough time to give it a spin. If it holds up, I guess I might be switching back again.
  • Edge is a great browser on Android, it is basically Chrome plus swipe-gestures, supports hyphenation, has an ad-blocker and more. Plus it syncs with my desktop
  • my handwriting sucks
  • Jell-O is fun:

a somewhat hysteric Darth Vader Jell-O