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Two Jazz Links and my new favourite Blog

Two articles caught my attention the other day and I quickly found myself reading, bookmarking post after post, watching videos on what probably already has become my new favourite blog.

At the moment I already have the feeling I link almost daily over to Jazz Wax, but he posted a Jackie McLean documentary which I’m eager to watch.

And the next one is huge.

The year is young, but as I read on about the The 1959 Project I was almost sure to have found the contender for my favourite new blog for this year already.

The premise of the blog is an attempt to chronologically puzzle together the year of 1959 with it’s events and releases in Jazz history and to give some more information about them. Think liner-notes, photography (I mean seriously: check out these from a Charles Mingus gig), excerpts from newspapers… Simply fantastic.

Natalie Weiner in the About-Section:

We might not have been there, but we can put a record on, close our eyes, and imagine.

Fantastic! I’ll recommend to head over there and check it out. I have the feeling that there is a lot of great stuff coming up there. And thanks to for sharing.

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