The personal blog of Sven Seebeck adds Mastodon integration

Manton Reece in: + Mastodon can now cross-post to a Mastodon user account, in the same way we cross-post to Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn. This takes a copy of your blog posts and sends them to a specified Mastodon account.

Your custom domain on can now be ActivityPub-compatible, so that you can follow and reply to Mastodon users directly on

This is really great news and thanks to Manton for setting this up. Currently I have an IFTTT thingy to import my posts from Mastodon into this blog (set to private at the moment) to make sure I have a backup, but this solution is certainly the better one.

Even though I don’t benefit from it at the moment (since I’m not hosted on at the moment) I think also adding the following via activity pub is a great addition. I recently read a primer on activity pub (can’t find the link now) and already then was thinking that that would be a great addition to any blogging platform.

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