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A list about ghost-touches, books and stuff

I’m on fire today, many things got done before 15:00 o’clock:

  • I wrote two arrangements and finished four others,
  • I kind of fixed an issue with the phone, or maybe not (I’m not sure what is going there, but the phone feels very, or better too sensitive to any touch, which causes it to open, or register anything as a click which is near my fingers. I think the term I’m looking for is Ghost Touch. Whatever it is, it’s driving me crazy. Maybe it’s just my fingers, in which case I can’t do nothing about it other than use it with nose)
  • I finshed the second book in a week (first John Scalzi: Old Man’s War and Artt Frank: Chet Baker The Missing Years), and started a new one (John Scalzi: Miniatures, thanks for asking).