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Home-Screen for April 2017

It’s been a while, but here’s the latest home-screen.

Three months have passed since the last home-screenpost, but at least there had been some changes. First of all, I’m using a different launcher. I used to use Action Launcher, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to support all the app-shortcuts that are, at least in theory, available.

At first I was holding out, because my phone wasn’t on 7.1 at that time, but even after the update, not all shortcuts were showing. In theory this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but some of my most-used apps, Todoist for example, were missing them, which was enough reason for me to look elsewhere.

And elsewhere was with Nova Launcher right around the corner. It did require a bit more fiddling (but you know, that is probably the reason I’m doing that in the first place) but eventually I got a really nice setup, with a whole bunch of helpful shortcuts. For example all things here on the home- screen serves at least two or more things.

Most of the icons, are not only apps (with app-shortcuts), but also swipe-to- open folders. For example pressing the Pocket-Casts icon opens as expected the app, long pressing though opens the app-shortcuts and swiping over it opens a folder with all my media-player apps, such as YouTube, Google Music and so forth.


I have been looking at a few wallpaper apps, but so far have not yet found the wallpaper. I am though generally happy with the wallpapers (such as this one) that are generated with Tapet.

So, some changes, if not so much visually but under the hood so to say. Let’s see how the next home-screen looks like.

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