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Padding myself on the shoulder after reaching my next Karma level.

On Tuesday night I finished the last arrangement for an upcoming project. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work and as so often before, turned out a bit more labour intensive than expected. It wasn’t difficult, but it simply took time. This together with my normal workload, resulted in a couple of weeks of being rather busy and regularly burning the midnight oil.

In short, this is code for: there were many things that had to be done and checked off, which then reflected in my Todoist karma, because, as of Thursday I have reached the Grandmaster level.


Timely on the same day, Todoist also released my (in fact every users) yearly stats in a very nice infographic.

Since I had a two months break off the app (iOS, OmniFocus, 2Do, yada yada - don’t get me started) the numbers are a bit off, but that doesn’t matter.

The infographic is full of interesting tidbits. Apparently I get most done on Mondays and in the evenings. The evenings are no surprise, after all I’m typing this at 0:15, but Mondays? That’s unexpected.

The gamification of tasks in Todoist is, even though it seems arbitrary, rather fun and strangely motivating. Also that Todoist can provide these statistics is very nice.

I think Todoist is a great app, and I have no doubt that it is one of my most used applications. I continue to find ways to integrate it into my daily workflows and have set up a few nice IFTTT actions and email filters set to automate the way tasks end up in my inbox without me doing anything. Feels like magic and makes some things a lot easier.

I totally enjoy the app and am looking forward to see how it improves during this year. But I’ll press publish now and check one last task for today of the list.

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