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For Your Daily Zombie Needs

I was looking for some more audio dramas but found some interesting audiobook podcasts instead.

The other day I managed, yet again, to fully catch up with current list of audio dramas and was browsing to find something new to listen to and found a couple of audiobook podcasts. Naturally we’re talking again horror-podcasts, like the Zombie kind.

Dead City

FIRST THERE WAS THE DISEASE. THEN THERE WAS THE DRUG. Today, those who take Necrophage become the functionally necrotic: an underclass equal in the eyes of the law … but unequal in reality. Those who aren’t so lucky go to the Federal Undead Preserve in Yosemite — where they slowly go feral and hunters take them for sport. Today, the undead are our equals and neighbours, but the balance is shifting. This is the world as we know it. THIS IS DEAD CITY.

I am currently binge-listen this one and it is still going on. From the website also available as an audiobook and eBook.

The Zombie Chronicles - Escape by James Melzer

When an asteroid passes by our planet and leaves a trail of death in its wake, a quarter of the population have become the living dead. Twenty-five years later the zombies are under the control of the government. Citizens are chosen to participate in Project Mirror, a cloning project in which their mirrors” are used as food for the undead. When one man discovers that something in his blood is being used to create an army of super-zombies, he decides to help his mirror escape. In doing so he uncovers a secret so guarded that the powers that be will stop at nothing to eliminate him and all those that he loves.

This is an old one. Apparently the first book in a series and the podcast is finished already in 2009. It is though still entertaining.

And while I was just at it I did some more digging through the iTunes catalog and found another series of Zombie-themed audiobooks: Infected and Contagious by Scott Siegler. I haven’t had yet the time (still catching up with the aforementioned) but they seem to be interesting as well.

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