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Resources for Podcast Recommendations

I wrote a few times about the state of my ever so often changing and continuously increasing podcast subscriptions. Podcasts are a constant companion in my every day life yet finding new and interesting shows in this growing market can be a bit of a challenge.

Occasionally I browse the iTunes charts/library and or, more frequently, have a look at the recommendations in Overcast and every now and them find a little gem. Having a look at the charts in iTunes or Pocketcasts[^-361149443] is surely helpful, but in most cases these reveal only the big ones, like Radiolab or Serial[^-361149443] which are already known.

But where do you do to find the new ones? The fresh and interesting ones? Where are all the other Lore’s? The independently produced shows?

Selected Resources for Podcast Recommendations

Most of the Podcasts that I found in the recent past I ran into in one way or the other on Twitter. The most obvious choice to follow is in this case the iTunes Podcast account which links ever so often to new and interesting shows.Via Twitter I ran into The Podcast Digest: a podcast about podcasts. Go figure. Via the latter I then eventually stumbled over Ryan’s Podcast Reviews who was a guest in the episode of The Podcast Digest that I was listening to.

In each episode of The Podcast Digest host Dan Lizette introduces a show with an interview of it’s hosts. Quite a few shows have been featured already and I haven’t had the chance to browse through the back-catalog, but in the episodes that I have followed I ran into a few nice ones. The Monster Talk[^-361149443] and Nocturne come to mind.

Finding new and interesting shows continues to be a little adventure. So far I think one has to keep his eyes open. Should I find some new and interesting shows or places to find some, you can be sure that I will share it here as well at some point.

  1. Despite all back and fourth between my podcast players I always go back to this one. It’s the at the moment the closest to what I am looking for. 

  2. I still don’t get this show. Yes, it was well made, but overall I think it was too long for essentially not much to come out of. But hey, that’s just my opinion. 

  3. I wrote about this one already. It has become one of my favorite shows at the moment. 

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