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The Zombie Brain

Since I was already talking about ZombiesMonster Talk continues to be one of my favorite podcasts at the moment and the episode More Brainssss (obviously about Zombies) was particular interesting and inspired me to some further research[^-361149487]. On that show the guests Brad Voytek and Tim Verstynen were discussing the Zombie brain and in the course they mentioned an infographic they had made about it and another one about Robocop. Even though I couldn’t find the latter, one search led to another and I ran into these nicely animated videos which were made for this TED-Ed lesson:

And here is the other part of the animation. Further Tim Verstynen’s talk Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep” from Talks at Google is available on YouTube which might be interesting[^-361149487] as well. I found this topic rather intriguing and already put their book Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep to my reading-list.

  1. In hindsight I should have simply visited the show-notes. Murr. There’s reason to believe that I could have saved some time googling. 
  2. I haven’t yet had the time to watch it.