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Some useful Packages for Writing

It’s now a few weeks in and I am still more than happily using for everything writing. It does all that I need it to and I could’t be more satisfied. I know, I have said something similar about other editors, but still.

As I wrote earlier already I have installed a few packages to make writing a more pleasant experience and I thought I quickly share some of the new packages that I have found and which are useful for me at least.

  • Sort Lines This does do the obvious, sorting lines.
  • File Icons While not directly related to writing I do like me some eye-candy and icons.
  • Footnoter For adding footnotes[^-361149432]
  • Typewriter I see it more as a complementary package to Zen, as it adds some nice default layout to Markdown files.

Theme-wise I have been looking around a bit, but still prefer the built-in ones but I of course still keep my eyes open. Other than that, and some sort of typewriter-scrolling I am all set. Nice.

  1. And hey, who doesn’t like some real nice footnotes