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Yet Another ‘I Should Have Known Post’ - Part III

I’m done. Tinkering, adjusting an app just to my liking is fun and once succeeded rewarding. That is if I ever get there. Over the last few weeks I have reached the point at which my Ulysses customisation got somewhat out of hand, obsessive and an annoyance to myself.

As usual it started slowly. First I set off finding a nice font, then continued with export themes before slowly moving over to themes. At some point I started to puzzle together different themes, adjusted highlight colours to make them to work nicely with different fonts or even worse different font-weights[^-361149511]. And with all of this I simply try recreate my Writer Pro experience.

This is all stupid and it can’t go on like this. Ulysses is a great app which I gladly recommend to anyone, but it offers too much freedom for me to fiddle. I have to take a break from that and switch back to Writer Pro. When I spend more time fiddling and not writing or doing anything useful for that matter then what I need is more limitation and focus.

Ironically I wrote in October:

It is obvious that I lack the discipline to work with an app like Ulysses , or any app that allows for customisation for that matter I guess (you should have seen me setting up Sublime Text). It took only a few days before I found a project in my task manager entitled: Create Ulysses theme and found myself looking for nice colour schemes and planning to do some nice document export themes as well. I should have seen that coming.

Same thing, just another year plus I took the extra step. Obviously I don’t learn and I just hope I don’t have to post part iV at any point.

  1. At this point I haven’t even considered thinking about the right line-height