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The One With The Keyboard Cover

I brought this up already in an earlier post and by now it is save to say that I have developed a bit of a keyboard problem. This time I got, during a quick shopping trip to Sweden, my hands on the Logitech-Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. Since I still sport a 3rd gen iPad and the cover was on sale for a mere 23€, it was hard to resist.

Often have I looked at this keyboard and thought it would be nice to try, but the original price-tag of about a hundred Euros ticked me off. But at this price I ran out of excuses.

Since both my iPad and this cover can be considered vintage in internet years at this point[^-361149544], I can’t add anything that hasn’t been said already somewhere else about the cover/iPad setup, other than, that I actually like this.

I always thought to have an external-external keyboard, that is, one that is not connected to the iPad, would be easier to handle. I don’t necessarily have to schlepp around the keyboard everywhere, but it turns out is setup is actually rather neat. Typing on this keyboard feels much better than on the Keyboard-To-Go, besides it’s similar size, also I don’t have to have a table around, which I don’t always have. Still, it took a little while to get used to, but by now I am equally fast[^-361149544] as on a full-sized keyboard.

Since I purchased the keyboard and the started to write this post have passed almost two months and I can say I enjoy this kind of setup a lot and would not want to go back to my previous one. It’s flexible, light and as an extra bonus I enjoy that I have now finally a good place to put the stickers on.

I hope that I still at least one more year of use out of the iPad, since it is holding strong and the keyboard will be a good companion for it during this time.

And here’s a little bonus tip: Double-tapping on the Home button on the keyboard opens the Multitasking-interface, which I find very helpful.

  1. Both of the devices are at them moment around three years old. I guess this almost makes me a hipster. Since my iPad still works fine, I hope to get at least one more year out of it. This is of course largely depends on how long it will support the latest OS. 

  2. Or slow, pick one