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Settings > General > Keyboard > (Dis)able Dictation

Once the novelty of it’s availability of it has worn off, the ever so permanent dictation button on the iPhone keyboard has become useless and over time a daily annoyance. I just hit that darn thing all the time and not because I chose to. Sometimes many times in one sentence and when I press to dismiss it spins and spins before going back to text entry. Very annoying.

After I hit that button this button one more time too often, I finally searched how to disable it. I checked in the settings before, but of course it is not to be found in the Siri settings where I consistently looked, but in the keyboard settings. This is of course where it should be.

Settings-General-Keyboard-Enable Dictation

This simple setting has had a significant impact. If not on my writing speed, then at least on the preservation of my nerves. I should have done that like a year or two ago.

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