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The just released Darkroom might be the VSCO cam replacement that I have been looking for. I have written about my disappointment with the VSCO Cam app before and yet, another update later, the photo-extension is still amiss.

I noticed the app during the night in the app-store but, as so often, was a little reluctant and too tired to give it a try. After a linkpost from Ben Brooks though I downloaded it and gave it, a so far quick, try. Suffice to say, we have a winner.

The app doesn’t come with many presets[^-361149670], is intuitive to use, let’s me create my own presets[^-361149670], supports curves (via in-app purchase) and is overall fast to use. One can simply browse through images and edit them on the go, without going into a special edit mode or such.

Darkroom is no camera-app, and that is good. It simply opens the iOS photolibrary and is ready to edit photos. No need to import images. Also neat is that, similar to it’s obvious name-inspiration Lightroom, it doesn’t touch the original images but merely saves the edits/settings and only creates an image (and duplicate) upon export into the photolibrary. Exported images into other app (DayOne or whatever) don’t create duplicates in the library.

Obviously I haven’t had much chance to work with the app, but it is off to a good start and I have the feeling that it will fit nicely into the way I like to work. Major extra bonus: non-white icon.

  1. Which is no problem to begin with. I find it occasionally rather annoying looking for presets in VSCO, simply because there are so many of them. 

  2. I haven’t tried this one yet. Don’t nail me on this if it doesn’t work well.