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The Sibelius Switch?

Finale had been my music notation software of choice for many years but currently very much into using Sibelius. I have spent the last few days (or better nights) of my vacation learning Sibelius 7.5 with the help of these tutorial videos and feel already rather comfortable using the application.

The aforementioned videos cover the basics very well and give a good starting point, and on the blog by the same author is a lot more interesting stuff to find.

Once I learned some key-keyboard shortcuts and getting a grasp how the app thinks working with it started to feel rather fluent. Still I am forgetting how to do this or that, but it surely feels rather simple to use and I am getting more and more impressed with it. And ease of use aside, I enjoy how nice already the default output is. There’s not much work needed to have a lead sheet look good.

Considered that I at the moment only learned the basics I really would like to get to know the application better and learn a lot more about it hence I’m searching for some nice resources. I might post some links that I find here on the blog, and anyway will save them over on Pinboard.

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