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A Year In Screenshots

For some reason I consider tinkering with the code or the simply the CSS of this site a rather soothing and calming, albeit time-sinky, activity. Just sitting here after a long day at work with a somewhat numbed brain and tweaking little aspects of this site has a somewhat relaxing quality to it.

As so often before this blog had a bit of an odyssey during this year. In the beginning of the year the blog was running on Ghost before moving it back to Wordpress a few months ago. There was nothing wrong with Ghost, as a matter of fact I enjoyed it a lot, but eventually moved back more out of sentimental, than practical reasons.

Is this move final you ask? Well, you know me and the answer is probably not, but then again you never know.

At some point I started to make screenshots of the designs and tweaks, but at least some of them. So, here’s this year’s journey of themes:

[gallery type=“rectangular” ids=“361149220,361149219,361149218,361149217,361149216,361149215,361149214,361149213,361149212,361149211,361149210”]

The year is almost at it’s end and I presume that I will not have any major changes to the design of this this site anymore. I do plan though to be a bit more attentive next year and take a screenshot every time I change something. If only for my own reference.

And yeah. The domain changed once as well. I thought it might be a good idea, when in reality it was not. I just like this one better for a blog. I know, I’m weird, most likely also next year.

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