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Filling the Gap

After two weeks taking a time-off from my usual podcast mix and binging We’re Alive I had some issues getting back into my current/old list of subscriptions. With the gained distance I got even more bored with some of current subscriptions, which was the reason to look for someting new in the first place. It feels to me like there’s too much whining or podcasting about podcasting in quite a few of subscriptions.

I really enjoyed the more radio-drama-like format and am currently looking for something to fill the void that We’re Alive left[^-361148941]. After some digging and test-listening it seems that The Leviathan Chronicles might be a good one to listen next.

The Leviathan Chronicles is a sci-fi podcast that tracks Macallan Orsel, a young genetic scientist in present-day New York City who discovers that immortality is not a fool’s fantasy, but rather a reality for a several factions of powerful immortals living among us

By the time of this writing I’m close to the end of the first season and it turned out to be quite nice. It hasn’t been updated for about year now, which I hope means that the story has ended. Either way, I’ll let you know how this goes.


It turned out that with Chapter 38 the first half of the second season has ended and the remaining episodes of the second season should be done soon. Something that I would have known if I would have read their blog a bit earlier.

  1. I seriously considered listening it again