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No Time To Read

I really like to read. Or phrased a little better: I really would like to like to read more. The sad truth is that, even though I buy books regularly, I hardly manage to finish two or three books a year.

Reading is fun and considered that I would like to bring this blog and/or my writing-capabilities for that matter, to another, somehow acceptable level, mandatory. But as so often before, I think I’m standing in my own way. This actually should come as no surprise to you.

Now would be a great moment to start excusing myself (aka whining) that life’s simply too busy to find time to read. Which without doubt would be BS. Fact is that during the moments of downtime I more often than not simply find myself tinkering around with stuff[^-361149110] or catch up with my news feeds. Even though I have cut down the latter quite a bit already.

To make myself feel better and a little less dumb I needed to come up with some solution. A manageable one. And most important something with a deadline.

Next year, somewhere around this time of year, I will have to publish a list-post, with all the books that I read during the year. The goal is simple: the list should at least include one more book than this years’s.

Sounds manageable, minor problem is that I am not 100% sure which books I have read during 2014, but this should be about it.

Finished Books[^-361149110]

  • Peter Weir: The Martian
  • Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol
  • Max Brooks: World War Z


  • Herbie Hancock: Possibilities
  • Stephen King: On Writing
  • David McRaney: You Are Not So Smart
  • Mary Roach: Packing For Mars
  • George R.R. Martin: Game of Thrones (Book one)

In short my challenge for the next year is to at least finish four books. As long as I don’t choose Lord Of The Ring-sized epics[^-361149110] it should be manageable.

  1. The CSS of this website, text-editors or task-managers come to mind 
  2. Three books?! Are you kidding me?! To make myself feel a little bit better I should at least mention I have read hundreds of blog posts and articles though, even if some of them were only read to me by my phone. I still count them. 
  3. This almost excludes Game Of Thrones, not quite sure how to handle this. 

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