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Something, Something Star Wars

Star Wars is, and has always been close to my heart and this hasn’t changed much during the almost 37 years since it was released. I still remember the staring fascinated at the full-sized-ad in the movies section of the local newspaper. Even without seeing the movie it was clear from the beginning that a new fan was born.

When the movie originally was released in Germany I was too young to see it right away and had to wait until it came back into the theatres a year or two later. But I was a fan: I tried to watch the weekly movie program on TV hoping for excerpts or trailers and collected (like everyone else) everything that I could get about the movie. Obviously I had the sticker album, behind-the-scenes articles, the book, an audio-play and, of course, the Kenner figurines and a few spaceships. I even owned the Mad Magazine version of it.

Suffice to say that none of these have made it through time. In hindsight it would be nice to own them still. I am fortunate though, that I have a second chance and relive this time again together with my kids.

When it was then time to see the movie I already had listened the audio-play about a hundred times, read the book and knew everything about the movie. It didn’t matter, when the movie started it was all forgotten and I watched the movie as if I knew nothing about it.

All this came back to my mind when I ran into this series of photographs by photographer Thomas Dagg who cleverly photoshopped Star Wars objects into street photography . Very interesting and sometimes one has to look a while to see it. (via: Substraction )

Then there is the Lego Star Wars photography by finish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki. I enjoyed the Hoth series, but also the album of the action figures is particularly nice. Which of course is another somewhat painful reminder that I sold mine back in the days.

There is of course also this well made video located in Frankfurt Airport. It is actually a rather fun and very well made video. How anyone though can think this is an actually real and from the movie set is absolutely beyond me.

I’m not sure anymore which podcast tipped me to the Star Wars Holiday Special but I would like to see it one day. But I doubt it is worth watching considering George Lucas’s comment on the special:

If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it.

Our own holiday version from last year though was fun and eventually tasted well.

It’s another year before Episode VII comes into the theatres and I have the feeling it will be a long wait.

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