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I Should Have Known Better - Part II

My stint over to Ulysses III was a short one. It’s a great app which I like a lot and gladly recommend to anyone but Writer Pro just suits me better. I prefer it because it let’s me do only one thing and one thing only: write stuff.

It is obvious that I lack the discipline to work with an app like Ulysses , or any app that allows for customisation for that matter I guess (you should have seen me setting up Sublime Text) . It took only a few days before I found a project in my task manager entitled: Create Ulysses theme and found myself looking for nice colour schemes and planning to do some nice document export themes as well. I should have seen that coming.

Will I try it again once the iPad version comes out? Of course I will! I’m weird, I know.

And by the way: Writer Pro’s latest update fixes the external keyboard issues that I ran into. It’s working fine for me now on every platform and I’m looking forward to work with it on my new phone which should be here soon.

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