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Writer Pro Update

Writer Pro got updated to version 1.3 today and I am actually excited about this one. The update seemed to have been stuck in the approval process, but during the night it became available and I’m happy to be able to use the app on my iOS devices again. Not sure what that says about me. After updating to iOS the app didn’t really work well anymore and the week (seriously, a week only) of waiting was rather frustrating. I’m weirdly attached to this app and not being able to use it on my devices actually led me to try different applications again. This was as one might expect, equally frustrating besides being a giant time sink. Either way, now that it is out things are getting back to normal. Perfect! The app got updated with a few new features and there’s a few new things that inspire a few new and potentially interesting workflows:

  • First of all, Dropbox support. Very nice! Even though I prefer a single folder and use search or sort with tags to organise my documents, I like to keep my personal writings and the ones that I need for work separated. A classic folder based structure does just this for me. All my personal documents (i.e. non-work) live in iCloud and all other ones live in one folder in (as in work) Dropbox. This is also useful to structure larger writing projects, like some of my still-not-done photojournals from Finnmark, Lofoten and so on.

  • Files are now differentiated by file endings as opposed to folders. While it sounds a bit a weird in the first place, it comes in useful when for example working with a said folder-structure in Dropbox. I can create for example a folder for a project, and keep my notes and ideas in separate files which, then are easily found in the editor interface. Or think about hooking nValt to a notes folder. Interesting to say the least. I will have to think about that more. (Note: It seems that at least at the moment .note files can only be created on the desktop)

  • Handoff support. This sounds great. Unfortunately I haven’t quite gotten this to work, but I’m not sure where the issue is. I will have to do some more testing but I have the hunch this might be an iOS/Yosemite issue.

There are some more things, but at least for now these are the most important features for me at least. I’m running the latest Yosemite beta and syncing back and forth (from what I can tell so far of course) does work like one expect it to. I wrote too many times before about my struggle’s to find an application which simply works the best for me, and after all the tinkering and trialing with different applications, WriterPro is the one app I always come back to. It’s simple and has all the functionality that I look for without getting either complicated or encouraging me to fiddle around with the settings or even worse: think about which theme or font to use.

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