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Outsmarting Myself with Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Another week and again another text-editor. Sigh, I almost hate myself for that. Seriously. But I guess that’s just the way I roll but I do have the feeling that I’m getting closer to find the solution which works best for me. This time I’m using switched back to Ulysses3.

I have used the app before for a while (after all it’s me and why wouldn’t I) was kind of confused when, after installing the Ulysses3 on a new Mac, my favorite shortcut CMD+Shift+T didn’t do what I expect it to: opening the Attach-Keywords dialog box. I thought I was missing something and started troubleshooting. After digging a few minutes through menus and settings it dawned me that I in fact had set up a custom keyboard shortcut in the System Preferences to do open the dialog box.

So simple! I outsmarted myself. Awesome!

I had set up the shortcut on my previous computer to add keywords and tags to both Ulysses and Finder and was so used to that workflow that I took it for granted and was totally confused when it simply didn’t work.

Tagging/keywording had become essential for me during the last few months that I hardly can’t imagine dealing with my files without it anymore. Once I have the feeling that I have really nailed my tagging system and workflow I will share it here on the blog for the one of you who might be interested in that.