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A DIY iPad Smart-Cover Stand Thingy

Even though it somehow defeats the purpose of it I do enjoy writing on the iPad with an external keyboard. This became yet again obvious to me when I, after a somewhat longer break of doing so, started to use an external keyboard more often recently again.

After using a few Logitech keyboards I gave an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, which I had flying around here (it’s a German version which I’m using out of habit with the Scandinavian layout - talking about a somewhat schizophrenic typing situation), a try again. It turned out that I prefer this one and finally decided to order the Origami Workstation.

So while I’m waiting for it to arrive I thought I need a portable stand to ensure a nice writing experience.

The Stand

I like Apple’s Smart Cover on the iPad and I’m using it together with an Incipio back cover. All in all it doesn’t add too much extra to the device and the back cover is designed to keep the cover attached to the device at all times. This is all very nice but unfortunately though the two ways the cover folds don’t provide a nice viewing angle.

I realised though that by essentially getting rid of at least one of the folds it will work much better for me. I simply need something to get rid of one fold.

As a saxophone player I have plenty of reed-holders flying around and it turned out that the Vandoren Reed Holders, the ones the reeds ship in, perfectly fit for this task. Just stick them onto the Smart Cover over the bends and voilá, it’s done.

In this example I used the ones for alto saxophone reeds, but clarinet and tenor cases should be fine as well.

It’s extra cheap (if you play saxophone or clarinet and happen to have a few of them around, that is) and extra portable. If you are picky about scratching your cover though you probably want to be careful, as they might scratch the cover.

I’m still looking forward to the workstation, but it’s good to have this option around.