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On Spotify (again, I know, sigh…)

The other week I was asked what happened to my Spotify Premium account. My short answer was Cancelled.

Me and the service had an on and off relationship during the last year already, and after a temporary switch over to Rdio, then back to Spotify [^-2070], I ended up using Google Music All Access.

Besides the somewhat uninspiring name, it has all that I was looking for:

  • I can organize my music in collections and am not forced into creating playlists (something that was announced to be changed, but so far hasn’t happened)
  • I can upload my own recordings and stream to any device. Which comes in handy if a certain record is not available on the service
  • the overall design is much more friendly and makes me want to organize my collection and listen to stuff
  • major plus for the search not driving me crazy
  • and at last it’s a tad cheaper for early subscribers

Whether or not I will stick with it in the long run is as usual in the stars, but so far I do like it quite much. I’ll keep you posted.

  1. It’s not that I haven’t been writing about this before 

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