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Friends Again

I have been using Finale Music for my music notation needs for something like 12 years maybe 1 and even though I feel most comfortable in this app, our relationship during the last few years, was, let’s call it difficult.

It turned out that Version 2010 was at some point not only difficult if at all to install on my Mountain Lion install, but also was very buggy. I remember some severe and sudden crashes during a bigger arrangement. Due to my own misconfiguration the app didn’t made up autosaves and I lost hours of work. Wasn’t funny whatsoever. Hence my use of the app somewhat stagnated.

Recently I got the itch to dive into the app and brush up my knowledge and decided to upgrade to the latest version, which was to be honest long overdue. Long story short, we’re friends again and the app rocks on my OS. It’s stable, fast and gained my trust back.

I will have to do some customisations, and as usual will share those here on the blog for those interested.

  1. I recently dug out some files with a date stamp which said simply Modified 10 years ago

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