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A Shutdown

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but after catching up with my ADN feed this morning, it became obvious once more, that users don’t matter much and that one maye shouldn’t rely too much on free services. Of course I’m talking about the upcoming Google Reader shutdown.

I have been an avid feed-reader since I have discovered about the idea of RSS-feeds many, many years ago and the regular visit to Google Reader in the morning and many times during the day, had become part of daily routine. Interestingly this sound almost identical to my Twitter routine, which I have by now almost completely abandoned.

I’m not very surprised that the service will be shut down in general though. I believe that the majority of users, and me included, used the service merely for it’s synchronisation and relied on third-party applications to read the feeds. Obviously there’s no way to make any money off of that.

Naturally there will a, or even many solution(s) to fill the gab, probably even better ones. I haven’t tried them myself (yet) but by the time of this writing these come to mind:

Also I believe one can subscribe to feeds in the reader (don’t nail me on that though).

Over on ADN are alreay some ideas spreading around on how, or if it would be possible to integrate something like into the service. This I think would be almost the ideal situation.

Considered that Google Reader was my most used Google service besides mail, I guess it might be time to look for an replacement for the latter as well, not because I think it will be shut down as well any time soon, but because it is one of the things that keeps me around there.