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There’s no need to kid myself, but it’s save to say that I most likely will not be able to pull out a weekly post. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but it’s not going to happen as there’s always something else coming up.

Needles to say, that things have been busy. Ironically just having been on holidays, hence I should have had at least some time available to do some writing, yet I rarely found myself being able to focus on typing just anything. Now that I am for a quick visit at work (and with it an unnecessary wait), things are a bit different and I quickly found myself writing this post. Another (obvious) case of productivity through procrastination, if you consider me writing this generally as productive.

During the last week I did had good time to catch up with some podcasts and a few episodes with Dalton Caldwell really stood out. This came in timely with the recent release of ADNs freemium model. If you are new to, or interested in, these two epidsodes are well worth a listen:

And while I’m talking about Podcasts: Comedian’s Jordan Cooper’s Blenderhead Podcast has become a new favourite of mine. It’s maybe not for everyone, but I do like the crap it.

Of the recently applications I think Kiwi (OS X) for ADN was an instant purchase. Very nice and polished client which features all the shortcuts that like to use for navigation purposes.

I think this actually might be it for now. More stuff to come, well, at some point.

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