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First Weekly Things

It’s Sunday and therefore about time for the first weekly review of this year. I’ll save you the usual, things were busy part as they are always busy and come straight to the point.

I’m still working on the design of this site and truth to be told I don’t see myself finishing it any time soon. I still have a few ideas that I would like to implement and turn this blog into something like my personal landing page as well. I used to have a landing site1 but this will do a much better job. If I ever get it written that is.

And talking about updating: during the last few days a few of favourite applications got updated. MultiMarkdown Composer is available in version 2 now and the beta version of my preferred launcher-app Alfred is available for Mega Supporters. Since I hardly ever write on the desktop anymore I haven’t had too much chance to look into MMC, but I hope that the iOS version will be arriving soon as well.

On the iOS side, 1Password received a nice update and supports now (amongst other things of course) URL-schemes. This together with the bookmarklet from Frederico Viticci, make using the app a breeze on iOS.

As usual, I think I have forgotten most of the things that I wanted to bring up, but now I will press the publish button.

  1. My site is still running but hasn’t gotten any attention whatsoever in the past and will soon be history.