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On Spotify

It was just the other week when, after years of happily using Spotify, I discovered Rdio. After using and enjoying the service for a while I happily signed up. In fact I liked the idea of building up an actual collection so much that it inspired me to do these daily, Christmas calendar kind of posts.

During the last few days though I got slightly disappointed with the service, simply because no one that I personally know actually is using the service. Which naturally doesn’t take away the idea of building up my collection online, but makes the act of sharing actually pointless. I simply can’t send my wife or a friend a message and say: Hey, check this out since everyone is using Spotify around here.

Sticking to the idea of the collection I decided to ignore this in the beginning, but the latest Spotify announcements, of adding just that feature made me go back and re-activate my subscription. After all, Spotify has become a much valued companion over the years. It even keeps the playlist of our wedding.

This of course all wouldn’t be happening if I wouldn’t so easily be enthusiastic about useful software and services, but let’s just say, that is the magic that is me.

Note: Until the feature is being rolled out completely I will continue using the Rdio links for the calendar, but once the collections are out, I will edit the posts and switch over to Spotify links.