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The Week(s) in Review

By the influx of post recently you might have guessed that I really enjoy Rdio recently. Especially after I have discovered that there’s also a good amount of talking shows available. Looking at my ever growing podcast subscription list, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

During this week Fantastical has made it on my iPhone and I can positively say, that I really like it. Some small things could be added (or even better something bigger, like an iPad version) but I came one step closer to my long-overdue iPhone home-screen post. I have made some rather radical steps there, but it’s getting there.

Also the 500px and Vimeo app got some nice updates. Both services that I like a lot, but hardly ever have time to use. Maybe this will change a bit especially since Vimeo is also on the Apple TV.

So, but now I will continue looking for a decent photo-app, which might be out there. Somewhere…