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Some Things From this Week

I have been pretty occupied during the last few weeks, and even though I am posting this christmas calendar kind of posts, the mere fact that soon not only will be Christmas, but also the end of the year somehow has escaped my mind. It only got to my attention through an influx of yearly reviews in my various streams.

But before I get to anything like that, I thought I’d rather finish the weekly one first, meaning this one.

During this week I think I finally managed to get my iPhone home screen right, the accompanying post is already written and needs only some fixes. So a few more days of trying it out, and then I am done with it for the time being 1.

With the latest version of Instacast (version 3), one more of the apps that I have been waiting for had been released and I enjoy it a lot. The fact that the sync now works, is worth the purchase alone, also the idea of having it available on the desktop is nice.

And since I am talking about Podcasts: After listening to podcasts in 1.5x speed for maybe a year or so 2 , the increased tempo actually had become the normal for me. This only came back to my attention, when I (for whatever reason) listened to a podcast in original speed and I then realized how slow they actually speak. Since 1.5x is my normal I decided then to increase the tempo to 2x and still find it easy to follow.

I still continue to struggle between Rdio and Spotify. Essentially I like Rdio a lot better, but I hold out with a final decision until Spotify has implemented the collection feature.

I other news I find KitCam to be by far the best camera app for the iPhone. I have tried many (too many in fact) camera app, but this one has it all. Awesome. I will at some point put some pictures up here or maybe even write something.

Now I will stop this and start to think about a yearly thing, which may or may not come out this year.

  1. Until then you might be interested into my iPad home screen

  2. It could also be a lot longer as I am not sure when exactly I have started to do so.