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Current Home Screen - iPad

It has been now more than a week that I have been fiddling around with getting the right setup for my home screen but now I found a setup which works for me. After taking off everything off the home screen first it had been almost too minimal for a while, but after a few days I got a good idea which apps I use all the time, which ones regularly and which practically never. The latter I have banned on the second page, and the regularly used ones in folders on the home screen organized by context rather than category. The use-all-the-time-apps are found in the dock and on the front page for quick and easy access1.* Still I wasn’t quite satisfied and in the end I came up with the idea of a second dock if you will. This one contains all the apps that I use a lot, but not all the time. After a week of figuring out which are actually the applications that I use the most, I was actually surprised to see, that all boils down to a very minimal set. As I for example use Drafts exclusively for my emailing and messaging and only use to actually read a mail which I then usually launch from the notification center. Therefore I don’t really have the need to have it right on my homepage but in the other dock. Amongst the apps in the other dock are: Safari* 2, **, 1Password, DayOne, Skype, Dropbox, Messages and the

The Dock

  • Netbot The latest addition to my homescreen. Since I essentially quit Twitter during the last week, this app keeps me up-to-date with the ongoings of my stream.

  • Byword After a long time struggling to find right writing tool for me I have settled with it for all my daily and ongoing writings. It keeps all my documents that I need for my work as well.

  • Drafts Since it’s release Drafts has become my go-to tool for all purposes.

  • OmniFocus Okay, whithout this app not much would happen.

The Desktop

On the desktop I keep my next-frequently used apps.

  • Poster is in my opinion the best and easiest solution to post anything to Wordpress, and it keeps getting better and better and I think it’s a must have app if you use Wordpress.
  • I have tried many, if not all, read-it-later kind of apps, but Instapaper still is the one that I prefer the most as it integrates with all the apps that I use on a regular basis. And I simply like page turns.
  • Ever since I got Reeder it is on my homescreen and that never has changed. It is the best RSS reader for me.
  • I like Agenda for it’s simplicity and speed better than other calendar app. It is though also not entirely perfect, but it’s keeping it’s place until I find something better.

The contents of other folders I organized by context, so in the Blog folder I have some apps that I use in one way or the other for blogging or to access the blog, the Reference folder contains note apps and other reference tools and so on. For the time being I am rather satisfied with this setup and while I was already at it I added a fresh wallpaper. Somehow I do enjoy this one on the iPad as it makes it appear to be a bit mor desktop-y. Now I will continue with this experiment and figure out my iPhone setup, which I will post then as well. At one point I will also put together an individual page for my home-screens.

  1. The only exception here would be Soulver, which I don’t use a lot, but would like to use more often. 
  2. I am currently toying with iCab for it’s nice feature set, but I am not entirely set on that yet.