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A Belated Postcard from Vienna

Not often have I take the liberty to show images here on the blog that are something different other than the usual landscapes. Every now and then though I take images during a trip which I find so inspiring that I find them worth sharing, even though they are not, well, landscapes in the traditional sense. These are some of those.

A belated honeymoon to the beautiful city of Vienna offered these possibilities. While I focused for the majority of time on the vintage architecture I also played around a bit with street photography, which I am not very familiar with but surely had fun doing it.

Once I read someone quoting that Vienna is a feast for street photography, something that I, even after this rather short visit, can subscribe to.

Whilst a huge part of the images is of more private nature I do have a nice collection of images from this trip together, which I will publish in two or three posts.

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