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Some Weekly Things

As this post comes out (again as I might say) a day later as intended, you might have guessed already, that it happened again that my plans turned out to be a lot different than originally planned. This is not necessarily a bad thing, quite the contrary actually.

A lot of things have happened during the last week and I had planned a few comments on the recent happenings: I planned to write something on the ridiculous idea that the original new iPad is now an object of shame1, about my recent pod-catcher experiment and about my latest task-manager situation. I still might catch up on those though.

On the G(some)TD-side though it seems that my my iPhone home screen is getting there, but it does still a lot more work (as does the accompanying page) and I’m getting increasingly better at Letterpress 2.

It did though switch the blog-theme and are (as usual) in the process of adding some tweaks. At the moment it’s a work in progress here, but since I have a clear idea where it’s going to I see myself finishing this soon. Only a few more tweaks…

So, but now I will have to continue with what I’m doing right now.

  1. I think I read somewhere a comment like that, don’t nail me on that one, but as it surely does make some good link bait I’m sure it happened. 

  2. You can find me as svnsbck in Game Center if you fancy a game.