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Weekly Things

Jeps, another week is almost done. As usual it passed faster as expected and I hardly managed to do all the things that I had planned. Well, no can do, but at least some things have happened.

Recently Adobe has with Edge Fonts released something like a Typekit light which looks a promising tool for my ever growing fascination with nice fonts and the tweaks of my CSS. Even though I haven’t implemented it on this site (yet) but I think the newly introduced fonts Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro which are also available on Google Webfonts do look just nicely here on this site. Will have to add some minor tweaks still though.

With Felix for iOS and Wedge for the desktop two nice applications for had been released during this week. Both are comfortable to use and make the use of just great. feels already now like Twitter back then when it was exciting. The only thing missing for me is an app for the iPad. I still have a free spot in my dock. Just saying.

And while I am at it… my home screen self-test is making some progress and I’m getting there little by little. Still I am not really satisfied with the calendar app situation. The built-in one is okay but it still refuses to give me a month view of March 2013. I have been looking for alternatives, but none has really ticked with me. Agenda, which I like on the iPhone, but it hasn’t really worked for me on the iPad. The thing I am missing the most is the ability to see how long a certain appointment is going to last, and not only when it starts. I hope a view like that is coming up in a future update.

Talking about updates: The battery life of my iPhone4s has dramatically improved since I updated to iOS. I hope it stays this way.

The new Camera+ for the iPad does look nice, but I am actually not so sure whether it will fit into my workflow. Usually I prefer to have the original image available before processing and with Camera+ that doesn’t seem to be easily possible. Still I will give the app a try for a while and will see what happens.

So, but now I will have to catch up with some reading.