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Some Spring-Cleaning Around Here

SPRING… Usually it’s that time of year, in which I, instead of cleaning up the apartment (actually did this a little), rather explore and experiment with all things related to my workflow [1]. I start to do things like re-thinking

  • my blogging,
  • my photography
  • and naturally it is time for a fresh theme.

My photoblog did change it’s appearance (and host’s for that matter) way to many times, and for the time being I am very satisfied with it’s features and appearance that I almost did settle down a bit over there. So it’s the perfect time to do some fiddling around here, my still rather fresh other blog.

Just a few days ago a new theme got released here on and it wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t be taking advantage of it immediately. The theme is designed by @iames for and I took the liberty of adding some minor adjustments myself. Essentially I changed the colours to a solarized colour scheme and added/removed a few things here an there [^2].

It is not entirely done as of now (who would have thought), so you can expect some more, even though minor, changes to happen in the next few days, but so far it is a good start.

  1. Just have a look at my latest experiments with Text-Editors [^2]: Update: This has obviously changed already a while ago.  ↩

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