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Before It Gathers Dust

At some point in time I read somewhere that one should not write on the blog an excuse for not having posted anything for a while. If you happen to subscribe to this of view, you probably better to stop reading now, otherwise you are naturally welcome to stay.

And yes, it is true: not only did my blogs [1], but also whole my online presence had been, say in a kind of stealth-mode (in order to avoid the probably more appropriate dormant or kind-of-winter-sleepish). This became even more obvious to me, when I learned the other day, that this site went down for many hours and naturally no one even noticed or missed it. Not even myself.

This was the moment I thought that something finally has to change again.

Looking back at the previous months, it almost felt as if I wiped myself more or less off the internet. My tweets were mainly auto-posts from Instapaper [2], my G+ is mainly dormant for many other reasons [3], my photo processing is facing an ever growing backlog, and almost-finished-drafts are piling up on my HD.

Fact was (implying past tense and trying to be optimistic here) I have not only been very busy recently at the work that pays my bills, but probably also a bit tired of contributing to my sites after being active on them for more than three years by now.

Even though I did not intend to do so, I obviously took a bit of a time-off but now have to get back into business (again a bit of optimism here). As Spring is about to spring around here, it’s probably the best time to get started again.

Still I haven’t been in a total winter-sleep:

  • I have successfully been working on re-thinking my writing-workflow, and made it most easy and efficient (yes, I did manage to do some writing, I just never finished any of the posts)
  • My task-management (not that I got anything done worth mentioning during that period, see above) got severely messed up during the attempt of simplifying it. Eventually I switched back to my old and working routine with a little more streamlined approach though. (I know, I know… If I works don’t fix it. I’m brilliant with things like that by now.)
  • I did some, and continue to do so, re-modeling of this site.
  • I continued to keep with my Twitter-stream many times a day. Even though mainly only browsing through it and not so much participating.
  • Caught up with my reading list in Instapaper
  • And fine-tuned my Podcast-routine [4]

And naturally there are a lot more, and let’s face it, more important things in life than all of the above.

Simply put, without even really noticing I stepped away from old routines and tried to make many things in my online-life easier and un-intrusive as possible. Still, I could have saved many troubles by sticking to what worked, which was what happened on quite a few aspect. On the positive side, this will all end up in a little self-ironic rant that eventually might be published here.

And of course a few fresh images had been taken during this weekend as well, meaning life is good again.

And before this post also ends up as a draft and gathers dust, I will quickly press the synchronize button.

  1. Just in case you read this and are not familiar with the fact that I run a photoblog I invite you over for a visit.  ↩

  2. I still enjoy using Instapaper a lot even though I spent most of my reading nowadays in Pocket  ↩

  3. Also here you can expect a little something once I have finished the post.  ↩

  4. I have posted a list of my favourite Podcasts over on my Photoblog, but you can surely expect a new and updated post here on this blog at some point.  ↩

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