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Mänty Sketches #2

The darker” times are over by now and it’s becoming increasingly brighter every day. As welcome the extra amount of light is, brighter weather in this time of year usually equals a lot colder temperatures. By the time of this writing it is -28 degrees celsius (-35 with wind chill) which naturally adds some extra excitement when taking pictures outside.

I have to admit though that I haven’t been exposed to that too much as I had only very little time to work on fresh images for this project and the last ones already date back a few weeks. But still I’m actively working on the project by scouting some new location or simply by working on the images in Lightroom 4 now.


Lightroom’s new RAW engine and it’s new features feel so much more advanced and superior to it’s predecessor that I simply had to re-process also the earlier images in the series. In fact I see myself doing that to a lot of my images.

Either way here are few more images and I would like to invite you over to my project page to see the whole series of images in case you missed my previous post.

If you are now looking through the images in this post, you might also notice that I did work on the aspect ratio a bit. On it’s initial release, I had them cropped into a 16:9 format, which in the end didn’t really work out with the newer images (those which you are looking at right now), hence I did re-edit them a bit, to create a uniform series of images. Something that is very important to me.

More images to come.