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2011 - The Recap

Just before Christmas I posted what I consider to be my best images of 2011 and already pointed out in that post, my imagery turned out to be a bit different from the previous year (read 2010). Many more things did though happen which are worth to be mentioned here on the blog.

So let’s start to have a look at what did happen here on the blog to begin with:

The Blog

First of all, after a short stint on a self-hosted site I switched back to a hosted solution here on, which, looking back, definitely made my life a lot easier. Even though I did enjoy running my own site, the aspect of taking care of all things security and backup, plus the endless possibilities to customize, wasn’t a difficult task to do, but ate more time that I was willing to spent on that. It turned out that having complete control over every aspect of the site, also results in me wanting to take advantage of just that as well. So I spent a lot of time looking for templates and plug-ins, which I then naturally tweaked, and tweaked and… I guess you get the idea. It wouldn’t be me though if I still wouldn’t be tweaking this site, but since it’s limited to edits of the CSS file I only can and have to focus on that. Working with a limited set of possibilities always makes me more creative and surely the life a bit easier. And simpler and easier is always better. With this latest iteration of the site I finally found a theme with the features I was looking for, and which is close to a theme that I enjoyed using a lot prior to my return to But switching the blog wasn’t the only thing that has moved during this year. The galleries were running on Photoshelter and later on SmugMug before I finally moved them recently over here as well. I just prefer to have everything under one roof so to speak. The latter is still a bit under development, as there’s some more editing and re-publishing to do, but it’s almost there.

Some satistics

Since I have switched to in April, the statistics of this website are a little off are not entirely reflecting what was going on the site and the galleries, but here’s what’s has happened a bit:

Some of these stats are derived from WPs annual report, which happens to be a beautiful infographic. Since the stats are not covering the whole year though it is not entirely useful for you at the moment and I chose to not publish this year. Next year on the other hand I will include it in the post.

During 2011 I posted:

  • 82 new posts

And since the beginning of the stat counter in the middle of April

  • the site has been viewed roughly 43200 times
  • the 12th of September being the most busiest day of the year
  • and most of you are coming from the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Writings, Appearances and other Media

In the first half of this year I released my second e-Book dedicated to my Mountain Sketches Project which has been received much better than I expected. And talking of which… It had been a while since the last time, but I was asked again to contribute another article for the popular German photography blog In that article I wrote on the Mountain Sketches Project. The article is written in German language and you can read it here. In June I participated in an exhibition on the island of Hailuoto. I have been photographing on this island frequently and having the chance to have an exhibition there was a nice opportunity. Late in Autumn I took part in one of Olaf Bathke’s hang-outs over on Google+. You can watch right over there or on YouTube.

What’s Next?

What’s next is always a good question, and to be honest, I stopped the whole idea of doing new years resolutions as they tend to not work out anyway. Naturally one thing to work on during this year would be to further develop my photographic and compositional skills. Further I find it’s important to start looking beyond the horizon and also start working on different topics, whatever these might be. The idea of working and thinking more in projects and creating whole series of images is definitely something that I will put a lot more effort into. The acquisition of a Ricoh GXR system was a very good choice and the idea of having a small camera almost always with me has inspired me a lot. In fact, I enjoy using a small camera so much, that I’m thinking of getting a NEX-7 once it’s available here. Let’s see. Here for the blog, I also plan to maybe post a bit less, but to give more attention to presentation and quality of the content. Choosing quality over quantity if you will. The latter will also result in the revision of older posts to bring them up to the same level as current ones. So, I guess that it’s for the time being, I thank all of you for your support and visiting my site and I’m now off into the new year and try to make the best of it.

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