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Somehow Behind The Lens

Oh, my God!” were my thoughts just the other day when I checked the date of my last published article here on the blog. A month has flown by in a wink and not only is it time to finally update here again, but I also feel it’s time to catch up a bit with everything that has been going on recently.

Short version is: I had been really, really busy!

Despite that most of the things that kept me away from updating here had little to nothing to do with photography, I tried to remain as active as possible in photographic terms. Every now and then, I found some time to dive into self-assigned photographic projects and explore new terrain.

I finally decided to get myself a Rico GXR as my always-to-have-with-me-camera and after four months of waiting I received the Lee Big Stopper. I was hoping to have the latter available prior the summer to take full advantage of it during my trips to Norway and Lapland, but no can do. Also I did though went through a rather long decision-making-process regarding which mobile-camera to get. Either way, it’s done now and I hope to have a little something about the GXR on the blog soon.

During the short time I own both of these tools, they definitely have been inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone and work on themes I have been not exploring so far. While few of these attempts failed, even more of them actually succeeded and if only to direct me into yet another different direction and explore something else. The creative juices are flowing so to speak and some thoughts on these for me new projects and approaches will (together with a first series of images) go live in the next few days.

And talking about going live:

Olaf Bathke asked me the other week (or is it two weeks ago?) to join a Google+ hangout on Living and Photographing in Scandinavia and the recording can be seen on You Tube or on Google+ in case you missed it are interested and understand German. Of course you can also add me on Google+.

More to come soon.