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Useful Tool for the Big Stopper

It surely took a while, but after four months of waiting my Lee Big Stopper finally arrived at my front door! Since it took so long it was way too late to use it during my trips to Norway and it’s coast (admittedly the conditions didn’t allow me then to actually reach there but that’s a totally different story) but there are enough places around here to make use of it.

Even though I had only little chance to make actually use of it so far, I found doing the math and/or looking at the accompanied table to figure out the correct exposure time, not difficult, but maybe a bit cumbersome. In short: I was looking for a handy solution.

Previously I checked the exposure, looked up the exposure time one the table (or worse: tried to calculate) and then started the stopwatch on my phone. Not too difficult but I was looking for something even easier, and naturally there’s an app for that!

I found a simple little app in the app-store called NDTimer which does all I was looking for: calculating the exposure and includes a timer. The procedure is simple, after composing the image I take a meter reading for the correct exposure without the filter attached and enter it into the app. I have already pre-selected of the many options, the 10 Stops for the Big Stopper and get immediately the correct exposure together with a timer. Next I only have to release the shutter (in bulp-mode) and the timer at the same time. The rest is just waiting. Couldn’t be any easier.

For the price of a fraction of the filter it is a no-brainer if you own an iPhone.


The app calculates many different ND and pol filters as well. For a complete overview of it’s feature visit the app-store or the developer’s webpage