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Google+ is all over the news at the moment and just this morning I got into the service like out of nowhere. Think about the surprise! Not only was I expecting an email-invite, but also to have to wait for much more than one day. Well I don’t want to complain.

After little less than one day of using it, it is surely too early to say anything other than it’s beautifully designed and easy to use, as with all of these networks, it is the users and the interaction, which in the end make it useful or not.

As I’m not much of a Facebook fan I hope that Google+ actually will work out nicely in the long run. And yes.. I am aware that I’m a bit of a hypocrite here since I maintain also a FB-page. But truth to be told, I check-in on FB only in moments of utmost boredom, which happens not so often. If that, besides the early exiting times, will be different on Google + though, only time will tell (I know, I have used almost the same words when finally giving up on Flickr and moving over to 500px)

That all being said, you are welcome to follow or circle me on Google+, but still I think the best place to follow my activities is of course here on the blog and also on Twitter.

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