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Hepoköngäs #1

There are images which somehow seem to tell me already during the exposure how they would like to be processed. It is almost like as if a certain processing, or clear vision of the final image, seems to jump right at me. And there are images which are undecided, flaky and have no real opinion on what they would like best. This one is of the latter kind…

I took this image of the waterfall called Hepoköngas (which is in fact Finland’s highest waterfall) now two years ago and simply couldn’t really decide what to do with. I’m rather satisfied with the composition and the mood of the image, but somehow the colour version which I intended to make simply lacked something. Getting the impact that I was looking for never really worked out.

My latest, and so far most pleasing result, is this more dark and moody B&W version of the image. It was in fact was a little bit inspired by my last re-imagined imaged Scandinavian Summer.

I do have a few more images from this shooting, and will publish them most likely at one point during the upcoming two years.