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April Wallpaper - Signaldalen

It’s the beginning of the month and therefore time for another wallpaper! Unlike last month I remembered this time and it will be for the iPad. I played around a little and tried to figure out whether a monochrome/toned or colour version of the image would be more suited, but simply couldn’t decide. Which is why I included both of them.   The image itself was taken during my last trip to Norway, in nice morning light in an area called Signaldalen. I did a write-up on that trip which you can read in these two posts. Feel free to download the wallpapers from here. During that specific trip I also took a series of images which I called Mountain Sketches. I do enjoy them very much and will release them soon also in an e-book. If you are interested you may want to have a look at the images in this post and for the e-book please stay tuned for updates here on the blog.

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