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Lightroom Preset - Sepia Toning

Last week I posted a series of images which were, at least for me slightly unusual, B&W’s with a sepia toning. Most of the time I use SilverEfex Pro for my black and whites but this series was entirely made in Lightroom and Photoshop. I have become more and more comfortable doing these adjustments already in Lightroom but still I’m looking forward to next version of SilverEfex Pro, which is due in a few weeks.

Since I’m very satisfied with the outcome I thought it would be nice to release something like a preset to go along with the series. At first sight I thought it would be nice to release a complete B&W preset with toning, but somehow this didn’t really work out. There were so many image-specific adjustments that I needed to perform, that creating a universal preset would have led to not very satisfying results. Not even looking at the fact that I didn’t apply anything like that myself.

I have come to like presets for individual adjustments, something that I learned from watching Julianne Kost’s Lightroom tutorials. For example I have one to zero my files and apply lens corrections, another one to darken the edges and so on. Somehow this method appears to be much more effective.

Following this path I have set up a toning-preset to ensure uniformity in the toning throughout the series. It’s a very simple thing and my settings for the toning looked exactly like this and if you want to, you can download the toning as a preset following this link.

What I would recommend would be, to do a simple B&W conversion, apply the preset and then adjust the curve or the colour channels in the B&W panel accordingly to your liking.

The whole series of these images On A Misty Morning you can actually see here if you are interested.