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Ice Pastel

I wish everyone to have a happy new year and a good start into a new year. This year starts as eventful as the previous ended and there will be many new and exciting things (at least for me) here on the blog during the next few weeks. To start off into the new year I follow the path of the last few months with a new image which I release also as the wallpaper for this month. Ice Pastel I took this image during my last outing of 2010 during a cold, but beautiful morning on a beach called Isoniemi. The light that morning was simply wonderful and the whole sky was full of pastel colours. For this image I obviously chose the panning technique to simply concentrate on the colours of the scenery. More images from this outing you can find in this post and a videoblog-entry you can find in this post. If you enjoy this image you might download it as a wallpaper for your desktop here. More to come during this week.

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